This Tucker Segment is Proof Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder (Video)

If you had any doubt liberalism is a mental disorder this Tucker Carlson Tonight segment should put that to rest. Carlson had Cathy Areu on to defend an individuals right to identify as whatever gender and race one wishes to be, “Well if it’s not hurting anyone then what’s the problem? I mean it’s very American to be who you want to be. so I think it’s wonderful, I think it’s beautiful, I think it’s great.” As Tucker points there was a time when people who identified themselves like the subject of the segment Ja Du, a man who believes he’s not only a woman but Filipino, would be deemed delusional and institutionalized. Not surprising, Areu followed up to more or less confirm back in the day that would be true, but not today!

And why has this changed, that people who would be clinically diagnosed as delusional (crazy insane), potentially institutionalized aren’t today? Because liberals have gotten their way to mainstream crazy people!

Ever watch those ghost hunting shows, where do they spend a lot of their time? At closed up mental hospitals and insane asylums! Once upon a time people who thought they were Napoleon, heard voices in their head telling them God knows what, to being the opposite sex etc would be institutionalized in these now “haunted” facilities! But the Left made the argument people have a right to be nuts and live among us! That’s why you see so many mentally disturbed homeless people living on the streets now or in tent cities. In a sane world they would be in these institutions, for others but also their own safety, but the Left thinks it’s not a problem they have a right to be nuts living among us.

The Left’s very way of thinking with gender/ race/ species identity, to thinking children are property of the community, what you earn from working hard should be taken and given to those who don’t want to work and so on is a mental disorder. Only Liberals think like this to even go as far to set crazy people loose, or argue those who would have been deemed nuts years ago are just one of the guys now… or a Filipino girl?? Sigmund Freud would have a field day with today’s modern democrat party and those who identify as liberal.

Couple hundred years from now anthropologists will look back at this time and swear the Left were certifiably insane and people on the Right were nuts for never standing up to them!