Waters Says She Inspires People by Calling for Trump’s Impeachment (Video)

Maxine Waters is not informing people on anything factual to justify her calls to impeach Pres Trump. What Waters is really doing when she goes around “inspiring people” is in fact telling a lie over and over again until it becomes fact. The majority of people she preaches to are the most uninformed people you’ll ever encounter. The fact that Bloomberg News’ Julie Hyman doesn’t correct her on any of her statements, allowing Waters to lie for example about the handicap journalist, is proof of that. So because there is no correction, the lies Waters spews appear to be true to the uninformed and ignorant.

The media is complicit with misinforming the public when they allow Waters to carry on about collusion which is not a crime (you would never know that since this site seems to be the only one ever making it clear), or her rants about Trump “obstructing justice” because he fired political hack and Clinton loyalist Jim Comey. The media will never admit it was within his plenary powers to do so and is not a crime.

Those who are informed know better but the media giving this woman airtime to grandstand only adds to the division in this country and hate for POTUS which will eventually lead to another Alexandria. And when that happens, liberals regardless of who or where will be held 100% responsible.

  • Elaine
    • tetse

      When are we going to get a Maxine doll ? Or a PiƱata .

      • Elaine

        A Pinata!! Now THAT would be fun!

      • Steveglen

        Don’t be surprised when Time makes her the person of the year.

        • tetse

          Im sure it will be the Huffington Post or CNN unless MSNBC beats them out. The Washington Post is often good for a laugh after they check in with the Democratic National Committee for approval.

        • tetse

          She will never be remembered like Helen of Troy – whose face launched 1000 ships.
          So far her mouth has launched 1000 indescretions and we are wondering if an effort can be made to silence her outbursts ( especially when she talks out of turn in Congress ).
          Could we redistribute her district and turn it down to A 3 block radius or smaller?
          Could we hold hearing that go into her husbands bank and the possible collusion by her to reward him with contracts?
          A study of her efforts to cripple race relations might be riviting.
          Could we send the illegals in droves to her home and have it declared a sanctuary?
          Sarc. You are correct – Time should do a real in depth study of this POS.

  • Cecillia

    What’s really “bothering our society” is that this woman should be spending more time in remedying the graffiti-ridden and crime-infested neighborhoods that are part and parcel of her district.

    • tetse

      That’s what keeps her in business . She can blame privileged whites for the suffering of the poor who voted her in. All movements need a villain to confront .