CNN Host Argues “No Evidence” FBI Was Biased Against Trump – Video

The media is in an uproar over Rep Francis Rooney’s appearance on MSNBC calling for the DOJ/ FBI to be purged. CNN’s Brianna Keiler decided to take shot at Rooney, suggesting there’s no evidence of the FBI being biased against Pres Trump! Apparently the texts from Strzok weren’t enough to establish motive and evidence against the political activists within the DOJ/ FBI for this hate Trump network.

Yes, one was removed (Strzok) and another demoted (Ohs), but they were the ones who got caught as of now! How many more hate Trump, obama/ Clinton loyalists, are still operating within Justice, who are more or less out to get POTUS!? Few months ago none of this even existed, now look where we are, there is more coming!

There will be no purge of Justice as long as Jeff Sessions is running things, people are getting worked up over nothing. BUT, it does need to be purged, the proof is in the daily headlines.