Rep Gaetz: ‘Extreme Pro-Hillary Clinton Bias’ by the FBI – Video

“We have email evidence from Andrew McCabe indicating that Hillary Clinton was going to get a ‘HQ Special,’ a headquarters special.”

Rep Matt Gaetz can’t say much about the closed-door hearing with Asst FBI Director Andrew McCabe, but what he can talk about is enough to make people’s blood boil. More and more information is coming out about the special treatment Hillary Clinton has been given while FBI and DOJ heads do everything they can to screw Pres Trump. No one should have any doubt now about the Deep State, or this silent coup we’re witnessing against POTUS.

Look at what we’ve learned so far and imagine what would happen if people within the FBI grew a pair and started leaking info to show the “extreme pro-Hillary Clinton bias”!

Here’s the problem you need to understand: No Congressional hearing or committee is going to bring anyone to justice, because in reality Congress has no authority to arrest or prosecute anyone. They can investigate, conclude and at the most make recommendations to the DOJ. Maybe AG Jeff Sessions will get tired of being mocked daily and finally take action or do us a favor and resign so someone with a pair can take action against the Clinton’s and all the conspirators within the DOJ / FBI.