Mitch McConnell: ‘Bipartisan Agreement’ on DACA Amnesty Coming in January – Video

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fielded questions today before leaving for Christmas break stressing his desire to have more bipartisanship on future legislation. He gave two examples where he believes there will be bipartisan agreement, Dodd-Frank “to give some relief to smaller financial institutions” and DACA aka ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty.

Why is the Senate Majority Leader talking about granting amnesty to illegal aliens? Why is the Senate Majority Leader talking about making an illegal executive order, by a fmr lawless president, into law?

The American people will not stand for amnesty being granted to anyone for any reason, including sad poor me stories! DREAMers/ DACA kids presence in the US is as ILLEGAL as their parents who brought them here. No one cares how or when they were brought in AND to grant them legal status is rewarding bad… criminal behavior!

Obama started this mess in 2012, those “kids” have had 5, count them FIVE years to make things right. Did any of them even attempt to apply for citizenship? No! But they had plenty of time to protest, get in front of cameras telling their sad poor me stories, apply for free tuition and all the other free stuff the democrats were handing out!

Nope sorry there will be NO AMNESTY and anyone in DC pushing it better be prepared to be run right out of office! You will be challenged in the primary you will lose your seat. The People have spoken loud and clear on this issue. We want the border secured, the wall built, criminal illegal aliens deported and those who shouldn’t be here can leave or go to the back of the line. There are 10 conditions, but not limited to, that must be in any comprehensive immigration bill or ALL bets are off:

1) Illegal aliens will be granted legal/ resident status, not citizenship.
2) Illegals must pay a fine of $10,000 each, in cash. (No, it’s not unreasonable. These people broke the law, committed fraud, use fraudulent documents etc. There are fines and penalties that should be paid. Fees would be paid coming to the US the right way. When you factor in all the costs they’ve put on taxpayers $10K is pretty cheap. $10K is the price you will pay to stay in America after entering illegally)
3) Illegal aliens will be required to pay ALL back taxes, in cash. If illegal aliens cannot account for how long they have been in the US, then each illegal shall be hit for back taxes based on the number of years they are past the legal working age of 14 years old.
Ex: illegal alien is 28 yo, legal working age is 14, said individual will be required to pay 14 years back taxes.
All fines subsequent with failing to pay taxes will be required to be paid as well.
4) Illegal aliens can never vote. Their children and grandchildren cannot vote either. (3 generations, voting is a privilege not a right)…. the other 6 conditions are here