Dems Trying to Regain ‘High Ground’ With Calls for Franken Resignation – Video

Did you take notice of how democrats all of sudden came out one right after another today calling for Al Franken to resign? Do you really believe it was just the action of a few strong-minded democrat women to get the ball rolling that went from 3 to 34 dems calling for Al’s resignation!? Or was it, the 5th, 6th or 7th victim to come forward that finally motivated them?! I’m going with none of the above. One thing is clear, democrats always coordinate their actions, and this call was most definitely coordinated. Why?

Chuck Todd admits it seems orchestrated for dems to take the higher ground to reset as if they’re moral authorities. Then you have MSNBC more or less saying the same thing to send a message to the GOP “we got rid of our troublemakers now time for you to do the same with Roy Moore”. It’s all politically driven to do any damage they can to the GOP’s power in DC, where they expect a Moore victory in the Ala special election.

There’s one problem with their logic. With regards to calls on Conyers to resign, it was based on evidence of payoffs to victims. On Franken, we have photo evidence of his behavior that supports the claims of seven women who have come forward. And for the record, repubs and conservs are calling for repub Blake Farenthold to go to after it was revealed he paid a victim off. But with Moore all we have are last minute allegations with nothing to support the women’s claims. This man has been controversial for years yet no one ever came forward. No one came forward during the runoff with Luther Strange, it was only until after he won these women came forward. That’s as convenient as 34 dems all of sudden within few hours calling for Franken to go.

To be clear NO ONE is saying what those women claim against Moore didn’t happen, but no one is agreeing it did. As for atty Gloria Allred, she refuses to make the yearbook she produced as some smoking gun for examination. Why!? It makes no sense.

Dems along with their progressive friends in the GOP will go after Moore should he win Dec 12th. Once the dust clears, we’ll be in 2018 and their next target will be Pres Trump on alleged sexual harassment claims as a backup for when the obstruction of justice narrative fails to get him out of office! Give it time you’ll see.