Fmr Obama AG, Eric Holder Threatens GOP Over Calls to Fire Mueller

Obama’s former Atty General Eric Holder took to Twitter to defend Robert Mueller’s biased witch hunt against Pres Trump. Many in the GOP are calling for Mueller to resign as special counsel or be fired following Rod Rosenstein’s testimony and the revelations over the anti-Trump investigators on his team.

Holder believing he is speaking for “the vast majority of the American people” threatened those calling for Mueller to go will not be tolerated. He then claimed all the attacks on Mueller are BS and politically driven!


Keep in mind this is the same guy who was found in contempt of Congress. The same guy who ran guns to Mexico, ending up in the hands of the drug cartels who have killed people including a US Border Agent to subvert and undermine the Second Amendment! That same guy is now threatening US Congressmen!

Frankly, IMO the GOP should call Holder’s bluff and take action against Mueller. What’s he going to do file a lawsuit? Is he going to take a page from Al Sharpton or maybe his pals in the New Black Panther party and incite a riot!? Holder has NO power, no influence as to what happens in the US govt… or maybe he does. Maybe he is part of that Deep State cabal who thinks they’re still running the country from obama’s DC bunker!? It wouldn’t be a surprise if he is connected to the silent coup taking place.

Mueller’s investigation is a farce at this point. The corruption is at levels never seen before, off Sessions did his job we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But leave it to a corrupt fmr AG to defend the actions of Mueller, Weissmann, McCabe, Rosenstein and co. These people never though Trump would win. They thought Hillary would be queen and they would all be protected from the corruption they’re all engaged in. So naturally they’re going after Trump. That said they are dangerous people, who truly believe they exist above the law and can remove Pres Trump from office by using bully tactics like Holder is doing.

Good luck with that, but Trump isn’t going anywhere. Holder and company seem to forget 63M Americans voted for Trump, see what’s going on and have grown beyond tired of their BS!