Fmr DREAMer’s Demands Demonstrate Why Americans Are Against Amnesty

Former DREAMer Julissa Arce displayed a level of arrogance and entitlement on Tucker Carlson Tonight the likes of which you’ve never seen before. It’s quite unreal how demanding illegal aliens are, where did they get this power? Who told them they can walk into a country thinking they have the right to make demands toward a nation they show no respect?!

First she attempts to dictate to Carlson how to conduct his show. She continues to dodge his questions and filibuster. Then she has the audacity to declare This plan [WH immigration proposal], what it does, is create a second-class citizen because it says that the Dreamers can become citizens themselves but they cannot sponsor their parents, they cannot sponsor their siblings.” What arrogance to say “make me a citizen so I can then bring my parents, siblings and hell why not cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents in!” Chain migration has to end, in cases like this. Arce admits she came to the US on a student visa that expired, but she at least took the initiative applied for and gained citizenship. She was an illegal alien, just because she became a citizen shouldn’t open the door to her whole family. For all we know the family planned this out! The only people who are second-class citizens are American citizens, democrats made that clear with the Schumer Shutdown!

And btw, why haven’t other DREAMers followed her lead to make things right after obama violated the law? What makes Arce any different from other illegals? They’re lazy, for sure, but someone, somewhere put it in their head to wait it out for the day when someone with the stroke of a pen makes them legal!

The more advocates push for illegal alien amnesty, especially when they’re this ungrateful, the more resistance they’re going to get. Furthermore, the more they display disrespect and act entitled the more Americans will resent them.