Pirro Rips Into DREAMers Demanding Citizenship While Being Disrespectful Towards Americans

Judge Pirro finally said what a lot of Americans are thinking when it comes to illegal immigration and DREAMers who are beyond ungrateful, calling the US racist yet demanding citizenship! First things first, NO ONE outside the US, who are not citizens, have a right to come to the US and enjoy the protections and rights under the Constitution. Sorry to tell you all but the Constitution is NOT a treaty with the world!

Second DREAMers ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS. There is no difference between them and their parents who entered the US illegally, dragging their kids across the border. NO ONE cares how old they were or how they came across, illegal is illegal, no matter how much obama and his ilk try to dress it up.

That said, who in the hell do these illegal aliens think they are to believe they’re entitled to and demand citizenship? Better yet what kind of hypocrites complain about America being racist, a nation of white supremacists, yet demand citizenship? If the people are so bad here why do illegals want to stay?! If illegals think they will change this country under their and the democrats twisted utopian vision, they’re beyond delusional.

Illegals are not contributing or making the US any better than status quo. As Pirro cites, per Harvard researcher Roberto Gonzales, they’re not this superior intellectual class of people, studies show they have a high dropout rate and are no more likely to commit a cry compared to a US citizen.

DREAMers are not some elite class of people who deserve amnesty in any form. They’ve done nothing to earn it, are beyond ungrateful, and have done nothing to make things right since obama violated the law giving them protection.  As for their families, they do not deserve citizenship either, chain migration must end. If they want to be citizens then do it the right way. Let’s be honest all they want is someone to make them citizens with the swipe of a pen. They same someone, people rather, who are using DREAMers for political gain!

All you illegals, when are you going to wake up and understand you’re just being used? The democrat party couldn’t careless about you. If they did they wouldn’t have balked at the White House’s proposal to grant over double the number of DREAMers amnesty!

If you want citizenship earn it and stop being so G-DAMN disrespectful to the very country, govt and President you’re making demands at!