Pelosi Invokes Race Card Following WH Immigration Proposal, Praises Sanctuary Cities

When democrats like Nancy Pelosi have nothing left to say in defense of their argument like clockwork they always resort to the race card. Cutting back on immigration is not racist, won’t “make American white again”. Trump is open to anyone entering the US, “I want them to come in from everywhere, everywhere,” as long as they have something to offer America.

Once upon a time the US immigration system was based on a merit system. People like my father, who came here from Italy, had to have something to offer the country. My mother’s father had to sponsor my father to come to the US, that he would have a place to live, a job, would contribute and not be a burden to Americans. This kind of system protects a country because if you allow a bunch of unskilled, uneducated people to enter they will be dependent on the govt to survive.

Democrats want this dependency, they want people of low skill and education to be brought into the US in droves because they are potential voters for the DNC. That’s all democrats see in minority immigrants, a voter who they can pander (LIE) to, to stay in power indefinitely. Don’t believe it, have you read some of the headlines coming out of California?! The state is lost using this exact strategy.

Sanctuary cities do not help law enforcement or public safety. They are in fact lawless zones, enabling criminal behavior by those they pander to as well as the leadership.

As loopy as Nancy is she knows this and doesn’t care because it’s all about the democrat party and having power and control.