Watch Pelosi and DWS Take Cheap Shots at Companies Giving $1000 ‘Crumb’ Bonuses

For those who may have missed it the first time around Nancy Pelosi doubled down comparing the wage increases and bonuses companies are giving out to their employees as “crumbs”. Fellow elitist Debbie Wasserman Schultz chimed in as well saying a $1000 doesn’t go very far.

Democrats are so out of touch, every single time they open their mouths, when companies like Home Depot, Starbucks and Disney give money back to employees, they enrage the American people. A $1000 might be crumbs to them but to the average American it means making ends meet, or some padding in their bank account that allows them to breathe after living paycheck to paycheck.

Just remember America not one democrat voted for tax reform. Apparently they will all run on a platform to reverse it because their pet entitlement programs to get votes took a hit.

Yes, Nancy a $1000 is crumbs to elitists like you, when you’re worth $30 million.