Poster Child of Democrat Party, Cory Booker, Has Meltdown During DHS Hearing

Today Dr Ronny Jackson gave the President a clean bill of health, pointing out Trump is in “excellent health”. Jackson noted Trump asked for a cognitive exam, that the doctor said wasn’t necessary as there were no indications such a test was needed. The President passed that with flying colors 30/30. All that said, I think it is time for members of the democrat party to be medically examined, but more importantly, mentally examined after this performance by NJ Senator Cory Booker.

As you watch this DC swamp monster meltdown keep something in mind. Booker’s reaction along with others is all based on DICK Durbin’s claim Pres Trump called people in Africa, Haiti, Central America etc are from “shithole countries”. There’s a few problems with this:
#1 Durbin is on record as a compulsive liar. He was even refuted by the obama admin for making a false claim.
#2 He provided NO proof via audio or video the Pres made this comment.
#3 If it is true, here’s another example of the lack of listening comprehension because Trump allegedly said these countries are shitholes… Per Durbin he never called the actual individuals living there shits!

And if he did say it, it’s true Haiti, El Salvador, Somalia etc ARE shitholes, anyone saying otherwise is a liar. Hell we have shitholes right here in the US. Take ride through Camden NJ, Chicago IL, slums of Philadelphia PA to Los Angeles CA to name a few, they look like war zones. It’s not the people living there fault, it’s the leadership who chooses not to do anything about the lack of jobs, poor education, poverty, crime etc as with shithole countries that are corrupt to the core!

Cory Booker is unhinged, mentally unstable, clearly demonstrating he has anger management issues. They way he talked down to Sec Nielsen is uncalled for and should be condemned. If her silence is complicit then so is his on a mountain of issues he and his party ignore. If she is a threat to this country for not agreeing with Durbin’s claim then Booker and the democrat party are truly a mortal threat to the US and every single man, woman and child because they have done far more damage than Nielsen.

It would appear Booker is suffering from severe, possibly terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Sadly he will remain a US Senator because NJ voters are as clueless and stupid as those in California, who keep radicals in power. And I should know because I have the unfortunate luck of living in both states!



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