MSNBC’s Mika is Worried Trump Doesn’t Have Cognitive Problems: ‘The word evil comes to mind’

MSLSD’s Mika Brzezinski, like all of the media is upset that Pres Trump is in excellent health and doesn’t have cognitive problems. She, her Deliverance Boy husband-to-be Joe Scarborough, and pretty much all of the Left were banking on somehow/ someway of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office over mental and or physical health problems after all other scams cooked up by the dem party failed (ie collusion, obstruction etc). Her argument is if he was unhealthy it would explain his politically incorrect behavior. That is what is really at issue, these monsters cannot deal with the fact Trump is not a politically correct pacifist like obama. You see the 8 years of obama cowering, bowing to enemies, throwing the US under the bus and all the other anti-American garbage he did is the standard Trump is being compared to.

The word evil does come to mind, it’s what the Left is doing as a collective whole towards this President, conservatives, the GOP and anyone who is not in lockstep with their twisted ideology.

The hate these people have for Trump is off the charts. What kind of sane person goes on air upset someone is healthy and decides said individual is evil all because they disagree with their policies and opinion? The American people have absolute contempt for the media because of this behavior. Keep it up Mika, looking forward to your meltdown Nov 4th 2020.