Sen Gillibrand Absurdly Claims “Chain Migration” is Racist

Sen Kirsten Gillibrand appeared on The View and as you expected the topic of immigration came up. In typical liberal fashion to defend her position she pulled the race card claiming chain migration is racist!

“When someone uses the phrase change migration, it is intentional and trying to demonize families.. literally trying to demonize families and make it a racist slur.”

Um no it’s not a racist slur. No one is demonizing illegal aliens either. Are we mad how disrespectful and lawless they are? YES. But no one is demonizing them to the point of racism, the democrats are doing that though! And don’t believe one word she says about caring, she and the dem party only care about illegals, they made that clear with the Schumer shutdown.

Chain migration is the correct description to use when one enters the US, (we’ll assume for the case of properly defining it) legally, and then through them all their family members are able to enter the US as well. Democrats are USING illegal aliens as pawns to create a new pool of voters. They want them legalized with full citizenship rights, then through them the rest of the family is brought in, via chain migration and voilà brand new democrat voters!

Gillibrand and her ilk are pulling the race card on chain migration to take it off the table from debate; if you’re against it you’re a racist. This is the same game democrats play on almost every issue they need to survive. When they want to silence opposition they throw race into it so anyone who opposes their position is deemed a racist.

Do Not take the bait America, democrats are the party of racism, hate and division.

There will be NO AMNESTY for DACA or any illegal aliens. Their families will not be given a free pass to get into the US and on a pathway to citizenship either. The Left is getting dangerously close to crossing a line on this issue.