Broward FL Mayor: School Killer Stopped Mental Health Treatment

While the media and the Left begin a new assault on the Second Amendment it turns out this mass killing has a common thread like the others. According to Broward Mayor, Beam Furr, (I kid you not that is his name) the killer “had been dealing with mental health issues” but stopped seeking treatment at a clinic “for over a year”.

People who know of the killer, Nikolas Cruz 19, said he has been obsessed with guns for years… so how did he get his guns before he was legally permitted to buy them? WHO was enabling this behavior and why didn’t anyone say anything that he was this much of a risk? The Mayor says he was on the schools radar but not the police, WHY? If a school is so concerned with a student, that they expel him over “disciplinary” reasons, whom they know is receiving mental health treatment but stopped, why didn’t someone pick up the phone to alert police? No, instead wait for the pressure cooker to burst and then blame everything on the inanimate object [gun]!

Once again the very system the Left is demanding more control be given over our lives has FAILED, just like it has with the other mass shootings.

It must have burned Anderson Cooper to have the Mayor reveal this information on his show. He and CNN love focusing on blaming the NRA, gun manufacturers, pro-2A activists, GOP, TEA Party and Trump when someone snaps and kills people.

Leftists you can try your arguments for more gun control but they will fail like they always do. Seriously if you had your wish what are you going to do after confiscation? Will you go after vehicles, household chemicals that can be made into bombs, knives and other sharp objects, sports equipment (ball bat to golf clubs), tools, masonry, strings/ cords of all types…. bare hands?