Megyn Kelly Goes on Anti-Gun Tirade Attacking The NRA Being ‘Too Powerful’, Calling Politicians ‘Weak’ (Video)

Well Megyn Kelly’s conversion to the Left and their ideology appears to be complete since joining NBC. In the opening of her show she went into a rant attacking politicians, calling them weak (true) for not taking action (??), the NRA for being too powerful and guns are too ubiquitous!

Here is the cold heart truth. Aside from heavy restriction where only elites would have access to outright gun confiscation NOTHING CAN BE DONE TO STOP SOMEONE FROM KILLING OTHERS. There are NO laws other than repealing the Second Amendment that could have stopped the mass killing.. and I gotta say myself and many living in reality are getting really damn tired of having to spell this out. Politicians know this on both sides which is why many are willing to take any action knowing the consequences outweigh the legislation.

Those receiving mental health treatment, who pose a threat to themselves and others should face restrictions. Mental health restrictions is the only area that may be worked on but is it a minefield. Just because someone is seeking counseling over a divorce, death in the family or some other personal issue should not be grounds to reject them from their God-given right to self-protection.

I’ll say this, the next time you hear someone like Kelly ranting about “doing something”, call their bluff ask them what more should be done? Fact is the gun control lobby (people control) has gotten everything they’ve wanted from waiting periods, background checks, gun free zones, limiting public access to certain types of weapons that were once readily available just 30-40 years ago, where I might add there were NO MASS SHOOTINGS! In anti-gun states there are ammo restrictions, permit is required to buy a weapon, open-carry is not permitted, the ability to acquire a concealed carry permit is next to impossible, which has led to deaths of people who legitimately needed them etc. Whatever they’ve wanted they’ve gotten but the new demands are outlandish thus the resistance from the NRA, pro-gun activists and some politicians Kelly takes issue with.

No one wants our kids gunned down going to class, but we also don’t want our rights violated anymore than they already are. The Left is okay with guns protecting their money, art, businesses, sports and entertainment events, hospitals, some have private armed security, places they shop but not the schools where our most precious treasures are 6-7 hours a day! Why is that?