Pelosi Willing to Lose Election to Get Gun Control Through! (Video)

Well now Nancy Pelosi is willing to lay on a sword to get gun control passed! Thing is she, democrats and the gun control lobby have already gotten everything they want. There is NO WAY anyone who is pro-2A is going to give them another inch to restrict access to weapons. They wanted background checks, they got them. They wanted gun free zones, they got them. They wanted waiting periods, they got them. But Nancy has given us something to work with here.

Maybe we have something to work with here since many Second Amendment supporters agree something needs to be done about people with mental health issues gaining access to weapons. If some sort of narrow bill can be drawn up to keep mentally ill people who are dangerous with violent tendencies from gaining access to weapons that would serve as the gun safety legislation Pelosi would rather pass than win the election!

One way or another this destructive divisive monster needs to get run out of Congress. God forbid the midterms go sour, there are strong signs they very will might, Nancy will be Speaker again!