ABC Panelists Make Case for Gun Confiscation, Praise Anti-Gun Kids (Video)

Not to anyone’s surprise ABC’s This Week panel argued in favor of more gun control, even gun confiscation, citing what other countries have done in wake of mass shootings. News flash for anyone not up to speed, the countries the US is constantly compared to 1) population is smaller than the US, thus we have more crime than they see 2) the US has the Second Amendment.

Whether the gun grabbers like it or not the Second Amendment IS absolute, it is the ONLY amendment with its own Do Not Touch clause. Go read the Amendments you’ll see they are actually limited using words like “unless” or cover very specific situations! The Founders were explicitly clear of their intentions that the people are the militia and they wanted them as well armed as the govt in case tyranny ever reared its ugly head again.

As for the “children” (political activists now, who are now fair game) being praised… exploited really, they’re nothing but tools of Soros and Bloomberg (one of them is on the panel) backed gun grabbing groups. They have no clue what they’re talking about either, where it’s mind-boggling how people want to take 18 year olds rights away, yet want 16 year olds making national policy! Take note NO ONE is speaking about how to protect children, it’s just blame the gun and the NRA!

You will never hear any of them speak out against guns everywhere else they go though from banks, to office building, sports/ entertainment events etc.

There will be no weapon confiscations, there are far too many in circulation and to be brutally honest, those who try will get the bullets first. However, progressives are masters with taxes and regulations, just look at what they’re doing to law-abiding gun owners in NY, CA, MD and other anti-gun states. They’re gaining ground blatantly violating Americans gun rights, and no one is doing anything to stop them!

The attacks on the NRA are attacks on almost 6 million Americans. These panelists do not know what they’re talking about, like most gun grabbers. They are not, nor do they speak for any of “us”. They represent a small group of gun grabbers who have the ability to appear like an 800lb gorilla. That said, it is this sites opinion the attacks against pro-2A supporters, demands for weapon confiscations and calls to destroy ones right to self defense will continue. It is time for members of the NRA, Gun Owners of America (GOA) and other gun rights groups to join forces and peacefully (unarmed) march on DC… July 4th!

Will that happen? No, because far too many will use the typical excuses we’ve come to hear not to march. This is the fundamental problem with the Right, which will be their undoing. Right now we have republican dominant govt, although they don’t act like it, wait and see when democrats regain power!