FBI Withholding Obama, Comey Secret Meeting Documents (Video)

The FBI is refusing to release documents about secret meetings between obama and fmr FBI Dir James Comey. What are they hiding?  What was Comey and obama’s meeting about Jan 5th, 2017? If you wanted anymore proof of how corrupt the Bureau has become, as well as this silent coup, this should be it!

Yes, yes we know this isn’t about the rank and file FBI agents, although this site has argued against that. Agents know what’s going on, they are choosing to protect their pensions and job titles than do the right thing to come forward speak out against leadership, not to mention uphold their oath.

The “7th floor” needs to be gutted along with the upper echelon of the DOJ starting with do nothing, Jeff Sessions. We cannot have the highest law enforcement agency in the country acting above the law in the obvious attempt to undermine Trump’s presidency.

The FBI has failed the American people at just about every level now from this witch hunt to Parkland, FL school shooting. Just exactly what are these people doing on our dime? They work for us and that fact seems to have slipped many people’s minds.

There is someone within the White House who, has the President’s ear,  telling him to not take action against Sessions and FBI Dir Wray. Whomever that is, is complicit with this soft coup to unseat Trump by framing him for collusion with the Russians, or this nonsense of obstruction of justice.