Broward Sheriff: Don’t Arrest, Give Them a Second Chance (Video)

More and more evidence is surfacing painting a clear picture as to who Sheriff Israel is, and the type of department he is running. The man is a hardcore democrat who would appear, by the videos we’ve seen of him, to be quite the pacifist; living up to his nickname Coward of Broward! In an interview with CBS Miami, following the Las Vegas attack, Israel said there is “nothing you can do”,…

… in an active shooter training discussion he told attendees to “run and hide”,..
… and in this new video he says don’t arrest give perps/ troubled teens, like the Parkland killer, a second chance!

On the surface that sounds good, because some teens and a FEW adults get into trouble one time and under his logic you don’t want them to have a criminal record. But many with anger management, drug, fighting or gang related issues etc don’t clean up after police cut them a break!

Supporting all of this we’ve learned orders were given, by the BSO Parkland Captain, to set up a perimeter instead of going into the school, when minutes even seconds mattered. There is now a solid chain of behavior under Scott Israel’s command that has deputies taking a step back when citizens expect anyone in law enforcement to engage a threat.

We don’t need LE giving individuals who are a threat to their community a second chance. Their job is to enforce the law, whatever happens after, as far as second chances is up to a judge and jury. Israel is dangerous he needs to be encouraged to resign or recalled.