Dems Silent Over Teen Inspired By ISIS Who Tried to Set Off Homemade Bomb at Utah School (Video)

Minutes after San Bernardino to the Parkland attack democrats were screaming from rooftops to ban “assault weapons”. They were silent after the attempted assassination of over 20 GOP congressmen by one of their own, who probably hoped to change the balance of power, in June 2017. Not surprising the democrats and all the gun grabbers are again silent when news broke over a Utah teen, inspired by ISIS, attempted to set off a homemade bomb, hidden inside a backpack, at the Pine View High School!

If a teen uses a gun to kill, the Left wants to ban all guns and confiscate them, yet if a teen builds a bomb where had it gone off it “had the potential to cause significant injury or death,” yet not a peep from the Left. No one screaming from rooftops to ban household/ over-the-counter chemicals and materials that were used to make the bomb, let alone calls for only those 21 years and older have access to said materials.

Some will argue it was stopped, so it’s a non-issue… yea this time it is but what about the next. Do we need another Boston bombing for people to learn? Why don’t Leftists want to protect children from bombs? This little ISIS inspired monster screwed up making the bomb, the next time “we” won’t be so lucky, so where are the democrats to push legislation banning household/ over-the-counter chemicals and materials to make bombs?

Democrats are all hypocrites. This kid obviously couldn’t get his hands on a gun and is why he built the bomb. Sadly they just don’t get it, we don’t have a gun or bomb problem, we have a people problem. If someone wants to kill a massive number of people they’ll find a way no matter what law you conjure up.

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