Maxine Waters Promises to Impeach Trump and Reparations If Dems Retake Majority in Congress (Video)

Maxine Waters is at it again, making outlandish promises in exchange for power. After trashing POTUS, to a group in Selma, AL, she was asked about joining other groups around the world who are seeking reparations over the treatment and slavery of blacks 150++ years and further back. She told the group she is “open to that” but stressed the need for people to register to vote and give power back to the democrats in the House and Senate in the 2018 midterms. By controlling both houses she is confident the democrats will be able to impeach Pres Trump and will get them one step closer to taking the White House in 2020.

Few problems here:
First off, there’s no way dems will get enough seats in the Senate to impeach Trump. They may get majority in the House, because far too many GOP seats are up for grabs and the party is complacent, but impeachment is DOA in the Senate.

Second, does anyone remember Bill Clinton getting impeached? He didn’t leave office afterwards, so whose to say if by some act of God dems did get power they could impeach and remove Trump? Also, impeaching Clinton backfired on the GOP where they lost Congressional seats as a result. It would not be wise for the socialist party to go this route, party leaders know they would get destroyed in 2020.

Last, and this will surely upset a lot of people… no one in that room is or was a slave. No one in that room has parents or grandparents that were slaves either. This nonsense of calling for reparations has to stop, it does nothing but add to the division in this country.  This is just another ploy in the race hustler playbook to gin up support and votes. For people who are upset over slavery they sure don’t have a problem staying on the democrat/ government plantation!

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