Hollywood Elitist’s Hypocrisy Exposed in Attack at Trump Over Repealing Second Amendment

Oh Hollywood, they give us so much entertainment especially when they get full of themselves and run their mouths without thinking. Behold Chelsea Handler attacking Pres Trump over a tweet he posted in support of the Second Amendment.

Handler was quickly called out over her lack of understanding the purpose of 2A only to burn herself!

How stupid is this woman? First off Trump’s bodyguards aren’t killing children, so WTF is she talking about. Forget that part what she says in this tweet defines Hollywood elitism, arrogance and hypocrisy! Handler has attacked Second Amendment rights like any Hollywood elitist, that we all should be disarmed for a safer world. They all rant that if we just get rid of all the guns, the bad guys won’t be able to kill anymore. BUT she can have armed guards who don’t carry semi – automatic weapons..?!

This twit just admitted she has armed guards. It’s okay to have security for herself but deny it for you and your family. Second, does she really expect people to believe her armed bodyguards are carrying wheel guns (revolvers)? No doubt she thinks semi-autos are like full autos, so not only is she a flaming hypocrite but also absolutely clueless what she’s talking about!

Chelsea put the bottle down.

Also in her initial response to Trump, Handler outright lied that the republicans don’t want to protect children. That’s categorically untrue. It wasn’t republicans who created all the anti-gun laws and Gun Free Zones leaving children.. law-abiding Americans disarmed and defenseless. Democrats DO NOT want you to be able to defend yourself. DEMOCRATS DO NOT want any type of security in schools but are fine protecting their money, stuff, places they shop and go for entertainment etc!!

This is just another example as to why we cannot have a reasonable debate/ discussion on gun rights. One side has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, define hypocrite, who are extremely emotional that will explode if you disagree or challenge them. The other side, pro-gun, has solid platform supported with facts that gets dismissed because “you just want to see dead kids”.

Like the President tweeted, the Second Amendment will NEVER be repealed. There’s no way 2/3’s of Congress and 3/4’s of the states will ever vote for it. No instead the radical Left will continue to chip away at our rights one regulation, tax and fee at time, until one day they’re all gone without a shot ever being fired!