Ingraham Triggers Baby Gun Grabber David Hogg Over College Rejections

Laura Ingraham tweeted out a story by DailyWire about David Hogg being rejected by four So CA colleges, where she took a harmless jab at the little guy.

Apparently all it takes to trigger this baby gun grabber is to say “whines about it” to have him community organize a national boycott. That’s right America not only is this baby going after the Second Amendment but he is also going after ones First Amendment! What in the world are they teaching this kid in that school!? His GPA is 4.2… but in what Concepts of Social Justice, The US Constitution is an Outdated Dusty Old Document, Benefits of Socialism in Modern Times, How to Hate America 101??? Consider his arrogance though by pointing his GPA, he thinks he’s entitled to be accepted to the schools he applies to. No need to wonder where he learned that is there?

The little fascist in the making went ahead compiled a list of advertisers asking his mindless following of hate America types to harass these companies to stop doing business with Laura Ingraham. Gee I wonder who he learned that from!?

Honestly, I’ve had just about enough of ALL of the nonsense going on. People are going to attack someone, go after their means to make a living over pointing out a kid is whining to TMZ about being rejected by four school!? If he has a beef with someone tell him to take it up with the DailyWire, better yet TMZ for posting the video up. FTR he did give them permission.

That powder keg we’re under, is still under massive pressure and building folks. Pressure never got relieved after Trump’s election, on the contrary, it’s gotten even worse. It’s time to shut this shit BULLYING by the Left down.