Leftist Says Foreigners Should Be Allowed to VOTE in US Elections 📺

Areu's crazy talk got Tucker squinting!

Leftist Cathy Areu had no problem appearing on national television telling the world she is all in favor of allowing non-citizens to vote in US elections.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it Areu is insane. She epitomizes the thoughts, feelings and political agenda of the MAJORITY on the Left who are scared to say what she says. This woman is all for open borders, letting anyone and everyone vote in our elections that nooo foreign entity or enemy of the US would ever take advantage of and pervert… naaaaa, never.

Aside from just about everything Cathy says being certifiably insane, she is also espousing to outright lawlessness and frankly a NWO. That is what would be happening here if anyone could vote. This country would be torn apart, Leftists would get every crazy thing they’ve ever wanted thanks to foreign voters and govts who would clearly take advantage of such an opportunity.

This kind of talk should scare the hell out of people and motivate them to support conservative candidates for public office. You can’t sit home during special or general elections, and like Pres Trump warned last month and again today complacency is not an option.