Here Are the Companies Who Have Cowered to David Hogg, Cutting Ties From Laura Ingraham


The Left’s new weapon, David Hogg, is quite the snowflake who can’t take one bit of criticism. Laura Ingraham simply tweeted out a link to a DailyWire piece adding to its headline Hogg “whined” about being rejected from four schools.

Ingraham did nothing wrong, she told the truth because Hogg does whine in the TMZ video, talking with Harvey Levin.

Following this, the baby gun grabber/ useful idiot posted a list of Ingraham’s advertisers, where his rabid following, in brownshirt style, began harassing the companies.

These co’s have since cut ties with Ingraham:

1 Nutrish (Rachael Ray)
2 TripAdvisor (Stupid owl)
3 Wayfair (Your ads are horrible)
4 Expedia (Ppl get better deals on their own)
5 Nestle (Hersheys WAY BETTER)
6 Jos A Bank
7 Johnson & Johnson
8 Hulu
9 Stitch Fix
10 Liberty Mutual
11 Jenny Craig (Heres an idea try the close the mouth diet! Diets dont work change your lifestyle it will put these ppl out of business)
12 Office Depot (Your days are numbered, never seen store with more than 5 ppl in it)
13 Atlantis Resort
14 Honda
15 Principal
16 Miracle-Ear
17 Ruby Tuesday
18 Entertainment Studios (Chappaquiddick movie)
19 Progressive Insurance  (Another reason to hate them and Flo)
20 Bayer
21 ACE Hardware

While many on the Right disagree, Ingraham issued an apology the child would not accept until she more or less condemned how Fox is treating the Parkland activists seeking to undermine the Second Amendment!

America some may say what Ingraham did was mean-spirited, but in no way was she bullying Hogg, yet that is exactly how the left is labeling her. Your impression is already tainted, but if you haven’t watch the video, you’ll most likely get the same impression many of us did that he was in fact whining. Maybe you won’t but that does not give this kid, a PUBLIC FIGURE, the right to attack ones income.

Journalist Dania Alexandrino spelled it out clearly, and you should call these companies for cowering to Leftists tactics.

Advertisers should stay out of it and not take any side. The moment they do take a side, they satisfy those who are bullying them to do the their will not realizing there is a flip side. These companies that have parted from Ingraham are still going to feel the pain because by taking sides they just pissed the other side off. Let me say it a little more clearer, these companies are siding with those who are being used by much larger organizations who want to take your rights away!

These companies want your money, don’t give it them. Buy a competitors products and services, boycott any company who bows down to Hogg and his Soros/ Bloomberg backed handlers!