DNC Deputy Chair Ellison Says Govt Funded Universal Basic Income “Has A Lot of Merit” 📺

Democrats are getting pretty desperate to increase voter rolls this November for the midterm elections. Here we have Rep Keith Ellison, DNC deputy Chair, proposing universal income funded by the govt aka YOU the taxpayers!

How would they pull off such a feat, for those unemployed who spent four years in school “earning” a degree in gender studies, or is a profession child bearer, or substance abuser incapable of holding a job? Another tax, on what people, who do have a job, middle class to rich, own. Ya know the number of tv’s, computers, tablets, cars, jewelry etc; how much do you have, what’s it worth. From there you would get hit with a small 1% tax ON TOP OF paying your income taxes, property taxes and all the other taxes that make the Founders turn in their graves! Not a surprise Ellison left the small details of how to pay for such a program out.

Ellison and the DNC have nothing to run on in November. Collusion/ obstruction hoax is over, the economy is doing better (but the bubble could burst at anytime), ISIS has been beat to hell, North Korea apparently is open to talks to denuclearize(would be nice but don’t hold you’re breath), and the more dems push anti-gun policy it only helps the GOP out so gun control will die by the end of summer unless something bad happens.

So he and the DNC have delusions of saving themselves with the proposal of offering income for breathing. It’s partly their fault for backing all these calls to raise minimum wage to $15/ hour. As I warned it would be the end of all low-income jobs because tech would take over. Ellison, to his credit, sees the tech takeover coming but instead of encouraging people to go into these emerging fields he pushes nonsense another govt handout to hold onto power.

Vote GOP this fall, don’t be complacent as Pres Trump has warned twice now with the midterms. If dems get power they’ll run this country right into the ground faster than they did when 0bama was in power.