Ted Nugent RIPS Into ‘Soulless’ Parkland Activists Over Their Lies & Vicious Attacks Against NRA πŸ”Š

Ted Nugent called into the Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo Show to discuss the outright misinformation being peddled by the Parkland ACTIVISTS attacking the NRA, gun owners and the Second Amendment. The interview is getting a lot of attention because Nugent, who is known for making controversial statements, said the activists (This site will no longer refer to them as “kids”, “students” etc**) were soulless.

Now context matters, here are the highlights of the interview where you can see there is logic to Nugent’s rage!

“If your entire anti-gun agenda is based on 100% lies and falsehoods, remember Joe if you really examine every word out of the leftist media’s mouth about gun control, if you listen to every word these children say, everything they say about guns is a lie!

They don’t know anything about weaponry. They don’t know anything about ballistics and they certainly don’t know anything about the use of various weapons in crime and murder. So.. all you have to do now is not only feel sorry for the liars but you have to go against them and pray to God that the lies can be crushed and the liars can be silenced so that real measures can be put into place to actually save children’s lives.”

“The lies from the left, the lies from these poor mushy brain children, who have been fed lies and parrot the lies, they are actually committing spiritual suicide because everything they recommend will cause more death and mayhem guaranteed.”

“The dumbing down of America is manifested in the cultural deprivation of our academia that have taught these kids the lies, media that have prodded encouraged and provided these kids lies. I really feel sorry for them because it’s not only ignorant and dangerously stupid but it’s soulless. These.. to attack the good law-abiding families of America ,when well-known predictable murderers commit these horrors is deep into the category of soulless.

These poor children, I’m afraid to say and it hurts me to say this but the evidence is irrefutable, they have no soul. There’s this critical thinking that we are all encouraged to embrace and to pursue and these children can’t be critical of any of the propaganda that they’re fed and that’s just sad.”

(Phone calls into the show, Nugent DID NOT participate in, were removed to save time. Full unedited intvw here)

Many progressives, of course, have their panties in a wad over Nugent’s “soulless” comments, but he is right. The activists have sold themselves to the gun grabbing lobby as they push one lie and attack on law-abiding Americans after another. They are blatantly dismissing facts for a bigger agenda that wasn’t even discussed at their rally – school safety. No mention of added security measures and procedures just bashing of the NRA, gun owners and the evil black ArmaLite assault weapons. Challenge them on anything you hate and want them dead. What we’re witnessing by these activists isn’t new, we’ve seen these tactics for years from the gun control crowd. The difference is they weaponized children, after all “the end justifies the means”.

These 4-5 activists aren’t the only ones who were attacked Feb 14th, there were approx 3200 people at that school when it came under attack. Many survivors, who lost friends and family, have spoken out in support of the NRA, 2A and gun rights, standing on facts not their feelings. Their voice of course is not welcome by the soulless Left.

The Parkland activists have allowed themselves to be co-opted by Left-wing anti-gun control groups bankrolled by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. They have only one goal – the complete and total disarming of the American people through the destruction of the Second Amendment.

With regards to Nugent pointing activists lack of knowledge on ballistics, pay attention when he speaks about the .223 round and then makes a solid argument (@11:45) that more damage and deaths could have happened if a pump-action shotgun with 12g double-ought buck shot was used! You won’t hear the activists nor their handlers acknowledging this, because it destroys their arguments against the ArmaLite rifle and the 2nd Amendment.

The LEft can attack and hat eon Nugent for making this statement but facts are facts – the activists are deliberately engaged in lying and propaganda to undermine law-abiding Americans rights to self defense.

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** The Parkland “kids” are now fair game, no longer off-limits to go after them. They are political activists seeking to take away Americans rights so their
“You can’t touch me I’m a kid” exemption card has been revoked as they have proven themselves to be tools of the Left.

For those who still have a problem with this, journalist Dania Alexandrino couldn’t have made it anymore more clear: