Violent Deportee Who Escaped Custody at JFK Captured in Sanctuary City 📺

A monster in the process of being sent back to Senegal, deemed by authorities as a “violent deportee”, escaped custody at JFK Mar 27th and was just captured 3 days later in Chicago. You know the same city under obama protegé Rahm Emanuel, where violence and corruption are out of control. The same city Emanuel turned into a sanctuary city that was this monsters first choice to escape to!

The title of this post says it all, and this site is probably the only one making this distinction. Does anything else need to be said over the tremendous dangers sanctuary cities/ states, and those who “created them, pose to ALL Americans?

“‘Mbacke entered the country lawfully in 2005 before violating the terms of his status. He was ordered deported in September 2015 by an immigration judge,” U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a Wednesday statement. “Mbacke has previous criminal convictions for multiple weapons and firearms offenses.'” Fox

Granted this monster entered the US legally, when he violated the terms of his status, he became no different from any other criminal illegal immigrant. His escaping custody seeking refuge in a sanctuary city [Not an assumption, he could’ve gone anywhere, he chose Chicago for one reason and one reason only, Emanuel’s open invitation] is no different from an illegal who has been kicked out for hopping the border for _ᵗʰ time re-entering and ending up in a sanctuary city. Whether it’s hopping the border, washing ashore, disappearing when their visa expires or jumping custody they all head for sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary cities/ states are nothing but lawless zones enabled by progressives looking to increase population counts to increase Congressional representation, which also means more govt funding if the right people get elected… for power. It is time for the govt to crack down on these lawless zones arresting ALL officials responsible (mayors, council members, police & sheriffs, governors, state legislators, state atty generals etc). This is an issue of national security, where as of now, all these places are supported by democrats who care far more about illegals than US citizens safety.