Over 1200 Central Americans Are Headed to the US ๐Ÿ“บ

“Organizers estimate that about two-thirds of people are planing on crossing into the United States undetected or asking for some type of protection like asylum.”**

Many Americans are probably not aware of this coming invasion since NONE of the media, including that one that slightly leans right, is talking about an estimated 1,200 Central Americans making their way through Mexico, unchallenged, to the US!!

We need more security and agents on the border ASAP, border governors would be wise to deploy the National Guard. Even if Pres Trump had full funding for the wall and ground was broken a week ago it wouldn’t be up fast enough to stop this hoard of invaders.

At first glance these incoming invaders would have you think this is another march of middle easterners headed to Europe. Nope, they’re coming to America and one has to wonder WHY is Mexico not enforcing its immigration laws which are far stricter than the US?

These invaders are being aided by People Without Borders, who have hopes, but are most likely already laying the groundwork to treat this hoard as refugees, to claim asylum when they get to the US border!

Yes, America is a nation of immigrants, but immigrants who come here legally and have something to offer. We have enough problems with high unemployment, Americans still in poverty, veterans needing aid and a social entitlement system on the brink of implosion (thank you obama and democrats). The last thing we need are more uneducated, unskilled foreigners who will be a drain on this country because “we have to do something, we must be humane”.

Have we talked about security issues? If anyone thinks all these people are good-hearted, without a criminal background NOT from somewhere else, like the middle east, they’re delusional. Hamas and Hezbollah have been active in Mexico for years working with the cartels. Al Qaeda and ISIS have said they will infiltrate the West through large processions like this. For this fact alone they must be stopped, not one should be allowed to cross over into the US.

If the federal govt, nor border states, take appropriate action to stop this invasion then it is on the property owners as well as Americans to defend this country and stop the illegals from entering the US. Furthermore, the US should take economic action against Mexico for allowing this mass of people to travel through their country when they know damn well their immigration law prohibits illegal entry and the US is strained as it is economically.


One thing is for sure, when this story gets national attention the media, democrat party and Leftists opposed to the border wall aren’t going to have anything to stand on. Also, don’t be surprised if some extreme left-wing rag suggests Trump played a role in it to get his wall!

** Adolfo Flores at Buzzfeed is traveling with them, documenting their trek of course to make the humanitarian appeal democrats will jump all over.