House Intel Committee: NO Evidence of Collusion or Coordination Between Trump and Russia 📺

Liberals heads are exploding after the House Intel Committee announced they were ending their investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion narrative started by the DNC, Clinton campaign, and their operatives within the media and the DOJ. To date not one shred of evidence has ever been produced by the perpetrators of this lie that President Trump “colluded” with the Russians. Regardless of no evidence ever being produced Reps Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff were at the forefront of this hoax pushing lies daily (telling lie over and over again to make it fact) amping up Leftists to build voter rolls and raise campaign funds over the promises (hopes) of impeaching Pres Trump. To be quite frank, Adam Schiff should be under criminal investigation for leaking a mountain of information over the last year to influence and mislead the American people.

Even if there was evidence of Trump sitting down with Putin about how to win the election, it’s not a crime! It would have been very bad politically but not a crime as legal experts, liberals mind you, Profs Alan Dershowitz (a Hillary supporter) and Jonathon Turley made clear for over a year.

No doubt the Mueller investigation will continue, milking this farces for every penny possible, demonstrating how corrupt the DOJ has become with its attempt of a soft/ silent coup. The special investigation should be ending soon since no one to date has been charged for colluding, those who have been charged are a result of lying to the FBI, tax related reasons but nothing to show an illegal action with relation to the election of Donald Trump. IMO Mueller will end the investigation soon because it’s just a matter of time until there will be no way to avoid implicating Hillary Clinton, the DNC and all their operatives who in fact engaged with the Russians to undermine a presidential election.

MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the corrupt media will never stop this crusade to remove Pres Trump from office. The nonsense will continue from these people who hate Trump and frankly hate his supporters. These are the same people who want the NRA taken down, Second Amendment repealed, and restrictions on the First Amendment.