Rep Waters in 2012 Advocated for Sharia Law in America 📺

There is a reason behind Pres Trump’s alleged “madness” when he attacks democrats. Case in point LOW IQ Maxine Waters, who stood before the Islamic Society of Orange County, CA while she advocated for sharia law in America while trashing those who are vehemently opposed to it.

Only one with a LOW IQ, like Waters, would be so foolish to believe sharia law would be a good thing for America. Waters and her ilk praising sharia don’t seem to realize, because they in fact have a LOW IQ, that women’s rights are restricted under sharia, where they would be restricted from their ability to speak freely and would in fact be treated like a piece of property!

We do not need sharia in America under any circumstances, anyone advocating it over the US Constitution regardless of when are a threat to the US. So you see when POTUS goes after someone like Waters it’s not just for the heck of it, there’s a history behind the target that should alarm Americans, that radicals like Waters do not belong in Congress.