Maxine Waters Calls Trump ‘Con Man Don’, Hangs on to Impeachment Dream 📺

It would appear Pres Trump has once again triggered Maxine Waters to go on a rant calling him a con man during a call in to MSNBC’s soon to be cancelled “AM Joy”. She claimed POTUS was diverting attention from himself during his speech in PA saying that she has a low IQ (no proof to date demonstrating she doesn’t), and by taking shots at Sen Warren and Rep Pelosi. Waters, demonstrated she in fact has a low IQ by admitting Mueller doesn’t have anything and hoping Stormy will bring him down.

What Trump did in his personal life 10 YEARS before running for POTUS will have no effect on the Presidency, nor will any alleged actions by his attorney. This hope like that of Waters special counsel, she said “our”, will result in nothing. If Mooler (as the LOW IQ Rep pronounced) had anything on Trump it would’ve been out by now. Russia, Russia, Russia is and was DOA from day one.

Waters is hanging onto this impeachment dream because it’s all she has to campaign on since she’s accomplished nothing.

Side note – RACIST Joy Reid is just trying to get her last licks in against Trump and the GOP, by giving radical, unhinged democrats who side with Farrakhan airtime, before her show is shut down.