Pelosi Eats Nails for Breakfast, Dons Suit of Armor for the Kids 📺

Nancy Pelosi apparently is as tough as they come in Congress. When it comes to bringing kids out of poverty she eats “nails for breakfast and dons a suit of armor to go out there and fight for the kids, because that is about everything, that is about the future.” How come everything she did as Speaker, especially ramming obamacare through, has in fact contributed to making the country worse off weakening the economy costing millions of jobs? Where was Pelosi as the number of Americans in poverty shot up over 40 million? She cares so much she trivializes wage increases and bonuses as result of the tax reform as crumbs. How come she has donated a large portion of the millions she made in Congress to programs that help the poor?

Pelosi and the majority of the democrat party are monsters, they will lie to gain support and votes. If this assessment isn’t true then someone explain why all the communities under long term democrat control are riddled with poverty? Since we’re talking about Pelosi how does she explain California being the worst state in the country for poverty and homeless!? Yea exactly, thus why she’s a monster.

This woman doesn’t work hard for the kids nor any American. She does and says just enough to stay in power.