Clinton Makes New Excuse For Election Loss, Trashes Voters in Middle America 📺

The long list of those Hillary Clinton blames for her election loss, from Fox News, James Comey, Sexism/ Misogyny, Putin/ Russia, US form of govt, Wikileaks, DNC etc, just got longer. Giving a speech in India, the worst candidate in US election history and unindicted felon, told attendees she lost because white women are listening to the men in their lives (husband, boss, son) telling them how to vote! The excuse wasn’t done as she went back to blaming Comey, suggesting she had the election won, up until when he released the letter to Congress October 28th, 2016.

The unindicted felon wasn’t done with the excuses, she also took shots at middle America being a catalyst for her loss as well, suggesting those of you in fly-over America are racists, who contribute nothing to the country; this was the technical PC way of calling you deplorable. Her testimony here is proof how much we need the Electoral College because she makes it clear she locked up the elitist coastal democrat strongholds.

It would be nice to see her return to America and be surprised with a criminal investigation being opened on her for violating the Espionage Act (slam dun for competent prosecutor), but that would require a competent Atty General. So we’ll have to bear hear this unindicted felon continue to run her mouth, making excuses, trashing Americans knowing she should really be in jail.