Clinton Blames Misogyny and Sexism For Election Loss

The Left whines that Pres Trump and pundits on the Right will not stop talking about Hillary Clinton. How can they not when she is constantly injecting herself into politics by giving speech after speech, making one excuse after another (and she knows she is on camera), over her failed run for the White House.

Hillary didn’t lose because of misogyny or sexism. She lost because she was the absolute worst candidate the democrats could have put up. She believed it was her right, that it was her turn (just as Jeb Bush thought) to be President!

Old school blue blooded democrats didn’t vote for her because she ignored them. Hillary focused on the states she knew she could win hoping they would carry her over the finish… coastal elitism.

Is the US ready for a female president? YES, just not a Clinton!
[Don’t be surprised when Chelsea starts running for office.]

Voters would welcome a female president, so long as she is chosen over the content of her character, abilities and strengths, and not because she felt it was her turn and right!