TWICE Rep Schiff Suggests FISA Memo May Lead to Another Oklahoma City Bombing

Adam Schiff has been championing the Russian collusion hoax, and is most likely responsible for over 100 leaks to the media, has taken another step into crazy land following the release of the House FISA memo.

During an appearance on ABC Sunday Morning, Schiff was asked whether he believes the Trump admin is working to discredit Mueller’s special investigation. He doubled down on statement he made earlier in the week, with Rachel Maddow, suggesting people will think twice reporting suspicious activity like “A neighbor who’s buying fertilizer, lots of fertilizer, but has no yard and you have concerns about it and you want to call the FBI, you’re now going to wonder ‘Is that FBI going to hold my name in confidence or this information in confidence, what if this becomes politicized?’ Sources are going to dry up because of what the Republicans on this committee are doing now.”

Schiff refers to a large quantity of fertilizer because that is what was used to make a bomb that destroyed Murrah Bldg in Oklahoma City.

In Schiff’s world the corruption being committed by the upper echelon of the DOJ and FBI should be kept in the dark and left to the “professionals” in DC to handle vs making things public. Well here’s the problem with that:

Normally when there are signs of corruption or criminal activity by a govt agency under oversight by a House committee, the committee will conduct an investigation. If they have findings of a crime they’ll refer to DOJ to conduct a criminal investigation, but in this case said agency is corrupt. Option 2 is to go to the FBI to conduct the investigation but then again it too is corrupt. Option 3, not really, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes could go to the media but that would create problems on protocol and rules violations, although the info could’ve been “leaked”, but it would be ignored. So the memo was made public, it provided no sources or methods as to how the information was collected, there is no national security threat. It is better for the people to know than not. Furthermore, reporting a neighbor stockpiling fertilizer will be handled by investigating agents. The decision to act or not is not solely left to people like McCabe and Rosenstein.

This is just more fear-mongering and demonizing by a democrat who is knee-deep in all of this. Schiff has purported a LIE of collusion between Trump and the Russians, members of his party created. They are the ones who are engaged in everything they are pinning on POUTS and he has helped advance it in the media!

If anyone needs to step down or be investigated it is Adam Schiff. It’s no coincidence information the HPSCI covers gets leaked out to the Leftist media, over 100 times!