Watch Hypocritical Democrats Go From Being Border Hawks to Amnesty Doves

Democrats are nothing but users and abusers. They will say and do whatever they have to for political expediency. When are democrat voters, especially minorities, going to wake up to the lies of this party? Democrats define hypocrites, this video should be aired everywhere.

Whats the difference between dems then and now… the truth?
Some might find this offensive but I DON’T CARE.

The democrats then had the black community, as well as other minorities in their, back pocket. They promised minorities the world in return for votes aka political power. In the past everything dems were whining about on immigration, sounding more conservative than todays “conservatives”, mattered because they didn’t want to jeopardize their little carved out kingdoms on the backs of minorities.

Times change, dems don’t have all the minorities in their back pocket anymore. Blacks, “native” hispanics (legal citizens, born here), asians etc have wised up after years, if not decades, of being deceived and ABUSED. They have realized they are not better off under the democrats they’ve elected, who promised them the world. They wised up and started voting for the other guy or not voting at all which has made it harder for dems to hold onto power! Some as we’ve seen over the last few years, under the obama regime, have actually revolted calling for an end to living on the democrat plantation!!

-Black Louisiana State Senator Explains Why He Left ‘Government Plantation’ to Join the Republican Party

-Al Sharpton’s Chicago Town Hall Erupts Into Anti-Machine Revolt

-Chicago Activists Unchained! Rage Against Democrats, Destroy Black Leadership
-82 Yr Old Dem Grandmother Voted Straight Republican Delivers Epic Rant Against Democrats
-Chicago Residents Go Off on Obama: Will Go Down as Worst President Ever
-Chicago Black Grassroots Activists React to Obama’s SOTU: More Hurtful to the Black Race Than Helpful

-Black Trump Supporter Goes Off at Town Hall Meeting “Black Community Being Destroyed by Racist Illegal Immigration”

So what are democrats, like the certified hypocrites in this video, suppose to do? They go and find a new pool of voters they can tap who don’t know any better, aka 11-20+ million illegal aliens. Illegals whom dems have already manipulated the system to grant free stuff to, they don’t assimilate, and are praised as America’s future. Illegals only know what they hear and see, which is the propaganda put out by these democrat leaders promising them the world; just as dems did to blacks, “native” hispanics, asians etc. If I were a minority I’d be pretty outraged over how democrats begged me for support, that I gave, for years and now have abandoned me for illegal aliens!

Dems will never stop trying to legalize illegal aliens. They need them, because their experiment in California proves if you change the demographics you can have permanent one party rule! Dems have DESTROYED California, if they get their way they will do to America what they did in CA and then it’s game over.