Trump Calls For Govt Shutdown Over Dems Refusal to Close Immigration Loopholes

Pres Trump took questions during a meeting about gang violence and MS-13 to address immigration reform. Without hesitation he called for another govt shutdown over democrats refusing to reign in immigration loopholes. The proposal the WH issued, offered amnesty to 1.8M illegal aliens in exchange for funding of the border wall, an end to the visa lottery system and restricting chain migration. It should be noted conservatives DO NOT like this proposal, yet the democrats have balked making outlandish charges, GOP is holding illegals hostage and of course pulling the race card.

Fact remains the democrats DO NOT want to secure the border. They DO NOT care about national security, the deal they want is full amnesty for all illegals, no border wall funding, visa lottery and chain migration left as is; these last three are what John McCain’s plan “offered”, Trump ‘called a waste of time’! The democrat have made it abundantly clear they care more about illegal aliens than US citizens and our military.