Pirro Slams Arrogant Govt Cabal Desperate to Stop Pres Trump

Judge Pirro delivered a strong statement outlining and making it clear we have arrogant Deep State elitists who have weaponized govt intelligence agencies to force their will onto the American people.

The collusion narrative the Left has been trying to pin on Pres Trump has been proven against the DOJ, FBI, DNC and Clinton camp. The people within the upper echelons of the DOJ and FBI were desperate to seat Hillary Clinton in the White House. They did everything possible to stop outsider Trump from being elected because they knew if he got elected everything would come out, like it is now! They conspired with Clinton who paid for a dossier with “information” sourced from Russian propaganda to spy on a presidential candidate in an attempt to change an election. These people should be in jail for what they have done.

The one question not asked nor answered is why? What deal was offered to these people to help and cover for Clinton going so far as to destroy evidence, violate ethics rules and change legal definitions? What was Loretta Lynch offered during that tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton? How much money did Rosenstein and company make off of Uranium One?

What is this power the Clinton’s have over everyone making them willing to sell their souls and the country out?

The judge when soft on these Comey and all the conspirators, what they did cannot be dismissed and forgotten about. People must be fired, and those who broke the law need to be prosecuted.