Sen Cory Booker: Trump ‘A Demagogue’ Who’s ‘Playing the Race Card’ 📺

Really not a surprise to see Cory Booker gaslight an audience claiming what he does is not pulling the race card but the language Pres Trump uses is in fact playing the race card. He willfully took things POTUS has said in the past out of context to make his argument.

What was more infuriating in this clip was Booker’s claim that the majority of terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11 “have been right-wing organizations, majority of those white supremacists”! Apparently there were 80 attacks committed by white supremacists… where when?

Here are some of the high-profile attacks since 9/11:
Attempted shoe bombing = muslim
Beltway sniper attacks = muslims
Arkansas recruiting office shooting = muslim
Fort Hood shooting = muslim
Attempted Underwear bombing = muslim
2010 Times Square car bombing attempt = muslim
West Memphis police shootings = sovereign citizens
Boston Bombing = muslims
San Bernardino = muslims
Vaughan Foods beheading incident = muslim
Pulse nightclub shooting = muslim

Take note some mass shooting attacks like Charleston church shooting are being deemed a terrorist attack. That’s a bit of a reach but no doubt those including racially driven attacks as terrorism are where this disgrace for a US Senator gets his “facts”. It should also be noted all the attacks against police like in Dallas, were left off of terror attack lists, yet they include racist Dylan Roof!

Booker is just throwing fuel on the race hustling fire because he has nothing to stand on. He like all socialists pulls the race card when they’ve run out of anything to say.