Diamond & Silk Go to Washington, Take Dem Lawmakers to the Woodshed (ALL Video Clips)

Instead of doing multiple individual posts of Diamond & Silk’s appearance at the House Judiciary Hearing on the “Filtering Practices of Social Media Platforms” they’re all right here. The two did a heck of job making it clear the how badly Facebook is censoring conservative speech in their own unique way.

Opening Statement

As you would expect they were treated respectfully by Republican lawmakers Chair Goodlatte, Reps Chabot, S King,  Gohmert and Rothfus… 

The Democrats of course gave D&S a hard time..

Hank Johnson opened up with nonsense of Trump colluding with Russia to win the election before berating D&S over how they make money.

Sheila Jackson Lee did everything in her power to defame the two as liars, claiming they were paid by the Trump campaign to appear. Liberals are apparently rewriting tax code to call them liars suggesting being reimbursed for travel expenses = being paid!

Rep Jeffries like Lee tried to go after them over FEC regulations that they were paid as consultants, where Silk spelled the truth out they were reimbursed for travel expenses.

Diamond & Silk met some criticism after their appearance on the Hill, where some claimed they weren’t being respectful. Well, what were they supposed to do, sit there and have Democrats paint the picture they’re liars? And since when is it a crime for someone to make a buck online. If you produce quality product you should be able to monetize it and get paid!

They did a great job on an issue many to this day are dismissing. All conservative pages on Facebook, including yours truly, are being silenced. Something needs to be done because this company is far too powerful and influential on American politics and social issues. It’s become as influential as television and radio became when they were finally reined in and placed under govt oversight (FCC). Since Zuckerberg is controlling the flow of information someone is going to have to step in, slap him on the wrist to stop this power trip he’s on. Last thing we want is more govt in our lives but Mark just couldn’t let it go, he had to change the rules because his side is losing!

Oh well….