Judge Pirro Burns Leftist Hacks Comey & Clapper For Lying and Leaking in Coup Against Trump 📺

James Comey would be wise to shut his mouth and get off his book promotion tour, as he is constantly incriminating himself. As Judge Pirro makes clear he’s a liar, leaker and felon for disclosing classified materials. Comey violated 18 USC § 641 – Public money, property or records the moment he took those memos that are FBI material. He can dance around it all he wants but he broke the law just like Hillary.

Take note America Jim is trying to gaslight not only you but the govt that what he did was perfectly legal when he in fact broke the law! Yes, what he did to bail Clinton out July 2016 he did this week with Fox’s Bret Baier, suggesting he has done nothing wrong, classified or not doesn’t matter as JUDGE Pirro explained. On top of that it’s abundantly clear Jimmy was/is a willful participant in a soft coup waged against Pres Trump, at the least over the fact he did not disclose the DNC and Hillary paid for the fake dossier they COLLUDED with Russia to create!

Pirro also took issue with James Clapper who should take the same advice to shut his mouth too! He has again been caught lying for leaking and working hand in hand with CNN and Jake Tapper with the hopes of bringing Trump down.

Lying seems to be a common trait among the Deep State/ Clinton cronies/ coup conspirators thinking they won’t get caught. Sadly nothing will  happen to these lying leakers so long as Jeff Sessions is running the DOJ. They both should be in jail for violating