Israeli PM: Iran LIED, Secretly Continuing Nuclear Weapons Program 📺

Israeli PM Netanyahu gave a 20 minute presentation exposing the Iranians LIED and are actively secretly developing nuclear weapons.

Is anyone really surprised to learn Iran lied about their nuclear weapons program with the obama admin? NO

Is the obama regime culpable for them continuing to develop weapons? YES… The obama regime was adamant this was a solid deal everything was on the up and up (clearly it was not), if Iran violates they we’d know, “This deal provides the best possible defense against Iran’s ability to pursue a nuclear weapon covertly, that is in secret”. The incompetent obama regime took Iran’s word as gospel and made a horrendous deal, Iran had no business ever honoring.

The obama regime handed $1.7 billion over in cash to this nation looking to wipe, not only Israel but, the US off the map. The obama regimes goal was to create a historic moment for obama and his “legacy” of creating “peace” with a rogue nation. Had actual due diligence been carried out, to the degree Israel has done via this presentation by Natanyahu, America would have made no deal with the Iranians. But obama didn’t care, he just wanted another box to check off before leaving office.

For those unaware, the obama regime paid $400M in CASH in unmarked foreign currencies for ransom payment to get the release of 4 Americans. It should also be noted the obama admin danced around whether or not the $400M was ransom or not because they knew the anger from the American people.

To this day no one has ever explained where the money came from since Congress holds the purse strings and would have to authorize that money.

Obama’s promise about Iran was the same bad deal we were sold on by Bill Clinton about North Korea, and look how close we are to either peace or war with them! (Peace is not a guarantee, YET. If KJU tries to play Trump, like Iran has done really, all hell’s gonna break loose, bank on it)