Univision Anchor Claims US is Hostile Towards Invading Migrant Caravan 📺

Jorge Ramos battled Tucker Carlson defending the migrant caravan, which is really an invasion, going so far as to suggest the US is hostile toward the “refugees”. One thing must be made clear these migrants are not refugees. The Left is using the same narrative that these people are escaping gang violence, poverty poor living conditions. The US has violence (gang, mass shootings, terrorism etc) communities deeply impoverished (Detroit, Chicago, Camden NJ etc) and plenty of Americans living in poor conditions – in other words there’s no difference.  Also as Leftists like Ramos argue the “migrants” are escaping gang violence,  it should be noted the very gangs (MS-13) they’re escaping from have already invaded the US!

Denying entry is not being hostile. Denying asylum to people trying to work the system is not hostile. Deporting people who enter illegally is not hostile. Ramos’ demonization is typical talking point by the open border crowd to shame the US, but it won’t work.

The US border should be sealed. No one should be permitted to enter unless they are in line to legally enter based on a merit system. The only refugees who should be granted asylum are the Christians who are being slaughtered in the middle east, or other groups who are literally being wiped out.

Ramos and the open border crowd want the US to take in everyone so long as they don’t end up in their backyard. For whatever reason they find no fault with the govts of the countries these people are escaping from. Instead it’s the US’ fault creating the demand for illegal drugs, and companies hiring illegals to justify the moral obligation on us.

If these people are permitted entry, even under asylum, more will come.