Defiant Deputy Attorney General Says DOJ ‘Is Not Going to be Extorted’ 📺

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein responded to a question about the House Freedom Caucus drawing up articles of impeachment over his interference with providing documents over the Russia investigation. Rosenstein stated the DOJ “is not going to be extorted”, demonstrating to the country how defiant he is, thus the reason the FC is threatening impeachment! For him to speak of the Rule of Law is insulting as he has done everything possible to abuse that system to take down the duly elected President of the United States.

Comey made it clear the US is a Banana Republic July 2016 when he cut Clinton loose, here you have Rosenstein proving that as he takes shots about leaks.

The reporter suggested the Separation of Powers would be violated if one was to be fired by POTUS. What she and Rosenstein completely ignored is how the Senate drew a up a bill to directly violate Separation of Powers to prevent POTUS from invoking rights delegated to him! Fact is anyone who falls under the Executive Branch can be fired for any and all reasons.. or just because!

As long as Rosenstein is in the DOJ there will be no justice. He is at the heart of this entire Clinton/ Russia mess. HE is the one who got Sessions to recuse himself, because he and Mueller are knee-deep in this multi-layer scandal at the least with their involvement with Uranium One!

Rosenstein should be fired, Sessions will do us all a favor by resigning and hopefully POTUS can get people he can trust to run the DOJ. Until that happens the coup will continue.