Levin: Obama ‘Didn’t Just Appease,’ But ‘Affirmatively Assisted’ Iran’s Nuke Program 🔊

The Left has come out (naturally) defending obama’s deal with Iran over their nuke program where we were told they wouldn’t be able to pursue nukes for a number of years. No one really bought that story when the deal was announced and Netanyahu’s presser proved our assumptions to be right.The Iranians are developing nukes, they never stopped, everything obama said wasn’t true. Did he know or not? All he cared about was having some example of peace to check off box of accomplishments for his “legacy”. Instead he left the world in a much more dangerous place…..

Americans have two choices: You can either believe obama knew or he didn’t know, but fact remains the nation who sponsors terrorism around the world has continued with its nuclear program. Like it or not obama handed them the money they need to make it happen with no strings attached either!

Obama and the progressives (clowns like Sen Corker(R) helped) did everything possible to sell this bs deal to the American people more or less assisting Iran as Levin argues. Everything we were told about the deal was a lie, it’s not a treaty (again thank you Sen Corker) it’s not legally binding so if Trump wants to toss it in the can he has that right. Will we go to war? Probably not, democrats will say we will just as they did with North Korea but time will tell. And for what it’s worth we’re already at “war” with Iran, and have been for decades.

Trump will do what he does, and we can only hope for the best, but sooner or later someone is going to have to deal with Tehran head on. This may be good or bad to say but what they need is another Green Revolution because this time around the US will offer some support to those rising up against the mullahs. In 2009 obama chose to do nothing, what he did do was side with the regime, as he did with every uprising during the Arab Spring. If the Iranian people know America is on their side if they rise up one more time that may be all that is needed to stop this rogue nation.