MSNBC Legal Expert: If Trump Refuses Mueller Subpoena Americans Should ‘Rise Up Against’ ‘Authoritarian Dictatorship’ 📺

Jill Wine-Banks, former Watergate prosecutor and legal analyst, ranted on MSNBC, that should Pres Trump ignore Mueller’s subpoena to an interview then “America should think that we’re now in an authoritarian dictatorship that we must rise up against.”

Mueller must follow DOJ regulations and politics. He is already violating them acting above the law as it is, but there are also DOJ memos that clearly state the President cannot be subpoenaed and indicted. These Leftists carry on about Constitutional crisis if Trump doesn’t do what they want, while ignoring the fact everything being done against him, to in fact remove him from office, proves we’re already in a Constitutional crisis! It’s only a crisis to the Left when Trump sticks to the rule of law that hacks them off.

Normal Americans are expected to sit back while Leftists in the media, govt insiders/ Deep State and politicians create lies to remove the duly elected President. We’re expected to sit back as they call for uprisings if they don’t get their way?! Don’t tell me we’re not in the VERY early stages of civil war when we have half the country making shit up (fake news), calling for uprising, trying to remove POTUS from office, demonizing/ condemning/ destroying livelihood/ threatening to even assaulting ANYONE who has a difference in opinion than theirs let alone supports POTUS.

Leftists continue to forget they are picking a fight with the people who don’t debate which bathroom to use and who have been buying guns and ammo at record levels since 2009.

Leftists by all means start your little uprising… it will be over faster than it starts.