Fmr Trump Campaign Official Threatened By Mueller Not to Speak to Reporters 📺

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for Robert Mueller and the progressives who are on a seek and destroy mission against the President and anyone connected to him. On top of being threatened and intimidated from speaking out publicly, Michael Caputo, former Trump campaign advisor, has been broken financially, he and his family are on the receiving end of death threats (someone sicko mailed a “piece of a sniper rifle” to his wife!?) and he stated he will never work on a GOP campaign again!

That is what the Left does to you when you cross them. Caputo and his family’s life has been upended and he was just a campaign advisor, with that in mind just imagine what the Left will do to POTUS and his family if they got their way! Better yet you’ve seen how people who worked for or supported Trump are treated this shit is out of control. And for what, why? This is all because Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election!

If the powers that be can do this to Caputo, just imagine what they will do to any American. This special investigation needs to be shutdown. There was never a crime committed to justify appointing special counsel. Mueller’s original task was to investigate “collusion”; it doesn’t exist so now the scope of the investigation is opened wide to go after anyone and everyone. They break those under investigation financially with the hopes those under investigation will roll on POTUS.

Someone needs to step in and end this. This is all Jeff Sessions fault too! Had he not recused himself, none of this would be going on, it would’ve never gotten this far. The President should fire Sessions and Deputy AG Rosenstein under the Constitutional powers delegated to him. Let the Left whine about obstruction of justice, there are NO CRIMES BEING COMMITTED.

The Left wants a fight.. bring it. This soft coup of theirs, a WARM civil war really, will be stomped out faster than it starts.