And Now She’s Blaming Socialists…. 📺

“…41% of Democrats are socialists or self-described socialists”

Seriously!? The long list of who’s at fault for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss continues to grow. Hillary is running out of whom to blame when she is now calling out her own fellow socialists. For someone who wants to be out of the spotlight and have people stop talking about her, HRC is doing one heck of job doing the complete opposite. Wait and see, if Trump tweets about her, Hillary and the Left will respond that he is obsessed talking about her too!

Many on the Left question Pres Trump’s mental state, but what about Hillary? This woman is a psychopath the way she blames everyone for her failure. She’s delusional that she had the election won had it not been for those pesky Russians.

And let’s make something very clear: Hillary Clinton is not a capitalist, she is statist, a state capitalist like the Chinese! She wants the money and the wealth so long as all the rules and regs/ restrictions are in place.